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    grotek rooting hormone 250g

    Rootmax 250g

    Grotek RootMax Rooting Hormone Gel 250g Jar Rootmax™ is a thick liquid gel rooting compound used to enhances and encourage the rooting of herbaceous and softwood plant cuttings. It contains 0.3% I.B.A. (rooting hormone) suspended in a liquid...

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  • remo roots cloning gel

    Remo Nutrients Remo Roots

    Remo Roots Start your plants off the right way Remo Roots packs a big punch into a small container. With both IBA and NAA, our powerful gel ensures consistent results every time. Remo Roots’ unique formula seals your cut immediately and...

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  • rooting hormone

    Wilson Roots 50mL

    Wilson Roots Liquid Root Stimulator Propagates new plants from stem and leaf cuttings 0.4% Indole butyric acid Stimulates rapid root growth on softwood and hardwood cuttings Fungicide in Roots protects against soil borne diseases

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