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Water Filtration

  • Stealth RO 300 gpd Stealth RO 300 gpd

    Stealth RO 300 gpd

    Stealth-RO300™ Reverse Osmosis System Perfect for hydroponic gardens requiring up to 300 gallons a day of pure reverse osmosis water. Produces up to 300 GPD (gallons per day) of ultra-pure, low PPM water (Flow rates of RO systems are based on...

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  • Evolution 1000 RO ChloraShield

    Evolution 1000 RO ChloraShield

    Evolution-RO™ ChloraShield® Hydro-Logic® Chlorashield membranes remove 100% of chloramine and are great for city water. Rated at 1 GPM down to 1 micron. They are made in the USA and have a low pressure drop combined with exceptionally...

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  • RO Reverse Osmosis F

    Hydro-Logic® Stealth RO™ 150

    Hydro-Logic® Stealth RO™ 150 Removes 98%+ of all contaminants in your tap water. Leading the industry in efficiency, the Stealth has a 2:1 waste to product water ratio. Optional 1:1 ratio flow restrictor saves 50% more waste water...

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