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  • Mosquito Dunks 6 Pack Mosquito Dunks 6 Pack

    Mosquito Dunks 6 Pack

    KILLS MOSQUITOS BEFORE THEY ARE OLD ENOUGH TO BITE. MOSQUITO DUNKS are made with Bt-israelensis (Bt-i), a highly specific biological bacterium that kills mosquito larva within hours. This product will not harm people, pets, wildlife or fish. It is very...

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  • Safer's® Sticky Sticks Traps

    Safer's® Sticky Sticks Traps

    Fungus Gnats and many other flying insects are attracted by the bright yellow color of Safer’s® Sticky Stiks™. Prevents adult stages of the insect from reproducing and infesting other plants. Each package contains enough traps for 12...

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  • Safer's® Sticky Strips - 5 Pack

    Safer's® Sticky Strips - 5 Pack

    Small flying insect pests are attracted by the unique, colorful plastic of Safer’s® Sticky Strips™, and stick to the non-drying glue covering the trap. Many insects, particularly Whiteflies, Thrips, Leaf Miners and Aphids can be...

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  • dispenser

    KONK Mister Automatic Dispenser

    Dispenser for use in dispensing KONK insecticide 418D or fragrances (sold separately) Solenoid technology Automatic 24-hour protection Easy to set up and maintain Spray interval: 7.5 minutes takes 9V battery (sold separately)

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  • 5 pads per pack

This size works with 2-gallon inserts/containers and larger. They work with Hydroponic systems or dirt. The Lock Down Pad can also be laid flat, sticky side up or down. Coning works great for watering by hand. You can water right on the pad!

    Lock Down Pad 12"

    High Yield Products Inc. specializes in Lock Down Pads: a yellow water resistant sticky pad that attracts a wide range of insects, including Fungus Gnats, Thrips, Spider Mites, Leaf Miners, Aphids, Whiteflies, Fruit Flies, and more. The...

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