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  • Mondi Mini Thermo-Hygrometer

    Mondi Mini Thermo-Hygrometer

    This revolutionary product mounts to the side of your Mondi Mini Greenhouse and reads temperature and humidity inside the dome. It ensures plants get the start they need by providing growers with the essential real-time information necessary to...

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  • Bluelab PH Controller Bluelab PH Controller

    Bluelab PH Controller

     Simplified pH precision  Automate pH control in reservoirs of up to 200 US gallons/760 litres 10 ml/min peristaltic pump delivers precise control In-built safety lockouts prevent overdosing Dosing routine allows for...

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  • Bluelab guardian Bluelab guardian

    Bluelab guardian

    Bluelab Guardian Monitor Monitor your key parameters 24/7Save time and effort with the Bluelab Guardian MonitorWith the Bluelab Guardian Monitor, you will be able to continuously monitor the key parameters of pH, EC and temperature. There’s no...

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  • Bluelab Replacement pH Probe

    Bluelab Replacement pH Probe

    Bluelab Replacement pH ProbeReplace the pH probe rather than the whole Bluelab Meter!The Bluelab pH Probe is a replacement pH probe suitable for use with all Bluelab products that use a BNC fitting. pH probes do not last forever as they age through...

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  • Dehumidifying Humidistat Dehumidifying Humidistat

    Dehumidifying Humidistat

    The Autopilot Dehumidifying Humidistat is a compact and easy-to-use controller for dehumidifiers and exhaust fans. Simply plug it into a power receptacle and then plug your dehumidifying device into its outlet, then choose your preferred...

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  • Test pH in Soil

    bluelab soil pH meter

    bluelab soil pH meter Measure the pH level of soil, media or substrates to maintain optimum crop performance. Features: Lightweight and protable Large easy to read display Simple push button pH calibration Successful pH calibration...

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  • Grozone Controls USCO2 Contoller

    Grozone Controls USCO2 Contoller

    USCO2 0-2000 PPM Single Zone Ultra Simple CO2 Contoller No bells and whistle, just connect your CO2 generator and you’re set! This is Grozone’s beginner solution for growers looking for affordable and easy-to-use CO2 controller. User can...

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