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Environmental Controls

  • The Enhancer TNB CO2 Canister

    The Enhancer TNB CO2 Canister

    The Enhancer is an all natural CO2 generator made from 100% organic ingredients. This safe an effective solution for CO2 supplementation creates a blast of CO2 that can reach 1200 PPM in a 12x12x12 area for up to 2 weeks. Activate The Enhancer by...

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  • The Enhancer TNB CO2 Refill Pack

    The Enhancer TNB CO2 Refill Pack

    The Enhancer now comes in a convenient refill pack! The TNB CO2 Refill Pack gives growers the ability to reuse their existing Enhancer bottle while saving money and reducing their environmental footprint at the same time. Simply empty the contents of...

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  • Hyper Fan - Climate Speed Control

    Hyper Fan - Climate Speed Control

    Hyper Fan Climate Controller The HyperFan Climate Controller is a fully digital climate controller designed for use with the Phresh filter hyper fan. Tips for setting min and max speed should be just enough to create a constant pull of the air...

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  • Evolution 1000 RO ChloraShield

    Evolution 1000 RO ChloraShield

    Evolution-RO™ ChloraShield® Hydro-Logic® Chlorashield membranes remove 100% of chloramine and are great for city water. Rated at 1 GPM down to 1 micron. They are made in the USA and have a low pressure drop combined with exceptionally...

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  • EcoPlus® 1/4 HP Chiller EcoPlus® 1/4 HP Chiller

    EcoPlus® 1/4 HP Chiller

    EcoPlus® 1/4 HP Chiller The EcoPlus Chillers are suitable for use in reservoirs, hydroponic systems and fresh or saltwater aquariums.   Each chiller provides a high-performance titanium heat exchanger for optimum performance and...

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  • RO Reverse Osmosis F

    Hydro-Logic® Stealth RO™ 150

    Hydro-Logic® Stealth RO™ 150 Removes 98%+ of all contaminants in your tap water. Leading the industry in efficiency, the Stealth has a 2:1 waste to product water ratio. Optional 1:1 ratio flow restrictor saves 50% more waste water...

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  • Excellofizz Pucks Excellofizz Pucks

    Excellofizz Pucks

    EXCELLOFIZZFresh plant atmosphere. Perfect for smaller gardens and areas with limited ventilation, Excellofizz releases optimal amounts of carbon into the growth environment. Carbon is the building block for all plants, and proper absorption greatly...

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  • Grozone Controls USCO2 Contoller

    Grozone Controls USCO2 Contoller

    USCO2 0-2000 PPM Single Zone Ultra Simple CO2 Contoller No bells and whistle, just connect your CO2 generator and you’re set! This is Grozone’s beginner solution for growers looking for affordable and easy-to-use CO2 controller. User can...

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