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    grotek rooting hormone 250g

    Rootmax 250g

    Grotek RootMax Rooting Hormone Gel 250g Jar Rootmax™ is a thick liquid gel rooting compound used to enhances and encourage the rooting of herbaceous and softwood plant cuttings. It contains 0.3% I.B.A. (rooting hormone) suspended in a liquid...

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    measuring cups silicone cup

    Magical Measuring Cups

    Silicone Measuring Cup Set The Magical 3-piece silicone measuring cup set comes in three different volumes: 0.5 cup, 1 cup, and 2 cups. These heat resistant measuring cups are microwave safe and ideal for melting butter, chocolate, or pouring gummy...

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  •  Norwegian Sea Kelp

    Algen Extract 20L

      Algen Extract   Norwegian sea kelp contains important primary macronutrients which help make kelp one of the fastest growing plants on earth.   Algen Extract 0.2-0-0.4 assists with vigorous vegetative growth, while also...

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  • Golden Goddess 1L

    Golden Goddess 1L

    This unique formulation delivers the golden goodness of nature’s most important and active humate extract direct to you and the precious plants in your grow room. Derived from black, rich, organic substances forged over millions of years, this...

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  • Humic and Vulvic Acid

    Golden Goddess 4L

    Advanced Nutrients Golden Goddess is a natural mineral that supports healthy plant growth. One property of fulvic acid is it's ability to attract minerals and nutrients and "carry" them into the plant. A single molecule of Fulvic Acid is capable of...

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  • Roots Excelurator Gold 1L

    Roots Excelurator Gold 1L

    Roots Excelurator Gold  Roots Excelurator Gold (formulated for soil / coco substrates) provides vital nutrients to rooting systems while simultaneously preventing nutrient deficiency-based plant disorders.   It's packed with a proprietary...

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  • Vitamax Pro

    Vitamax Pro

    VITAMAX™ PRO GROWTH ENHANCER Enhances all stages of plant growth Provides multiple sources of amino acids High-quality humic acid Vitamax™ Pro provides soil and soilless gardens the best of organics to drive plant production...

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