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  • Seedling Tray

    Seedling Tray

    Premium grade virgin materials for cleanliness and durability Premium white plastic for increased light reflectivity Reinforced outside shell made from recycled materials provide strongest support to date Black base prevents light penetration to the...

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  • 7"  Dome With Easy Vents

    7" Dome With Easy Vents

    Mini Greenhouse 7” with Easy Vents A professional propagation dome for starting seeds or cuttings Temperature and humidity controlled by two adjustable vents for better growing results Designed to provide more cubic volume for your...

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  • 50 cell round hole insert tray

    50 Round Hole Tray

    Insert tray for propagations.  50 cells with two drain holes in each cell. Cells measure 6cm deep 4.5 cm at widest point (aprox 2.75 " deep by 1.75" wide)

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  • 16 inch pot elevator NX Pot Elevator 16"

    NX Pot Elevator 16"

    Gro Pro NX Level Pot Elevator - 16 in  Gro Pro® NX Level® Plant Elevators are specially designed to help raise your fabric or plastic pot out of the bottom of a saucer. This elevates the pot out of potential excess water that gathers in...

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  • mondi short cell prop tray

    50 Short Cell Insert Tray

    50 Propagation pellets fit snuggly while maintaining excellent drainage through the large size holes Thick plastic and UV protection for durability and long life Easy to nest and separate

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