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  • Safer's® Defender Garden Fungicide

    Safer's® Defender Garden Fungicide

    Safer's® Defender™ Garden Fungicide Spray plants to thorough wetting. POWDERY MILDEW: on roses, chrysanthemums, grapes, strawberries, currants, gooseberries, beans, and dahlias. Concord grapes and other sulphur shy varieties of plants...

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  • Atak Concentrate 1 Litre

    Maintain healthy plants throughout veg and into late flower with OPTIC FOLIAR ATAK,, ATAK will ensure your plants receive all essential trace minerals to optimize plant health in all stages of growth including late bloom. Directions: For each liter...

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  • Atak RTU 1L

    ATAK RTU (ready to use) is premixed with TRANSPORT for your convenience and ease of use. ATAK Ready to use will treat PM and boost the plants overall health. The dual action of ATAK immediately combats and eradicates PM on the leaves while also boosting...

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  • Safer's® Garden Sulphur Dust - 300 G

    Safer's® Garden Sulphur Dust - 300 G

    Safer's® Sulphur Dust Fungicide 300G Controls: Powdery Mildew, Rust, Black Spot, Scab and certain mites. How to Use: May be dusted directly onto plants or bulbs, or may be mixed with water for spray application. For mixing add 15 mL of...

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